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Geodashing: Jan17  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 187 (GDDJ)

"About 2 am New Year's morning I had an attempt on this geodash, as the
mapping showed a footpath to the waters edge. I sprayed myself liberally with
insect repellent, but came to some (bunting) barricaded section at the bottom
of a long concrete stepped pathway, with what looked like impenetrable
lantana, but I was still 130 metres from GZ. ALL was quiet in the
neighbourhood, but my headlight was getting a bit dim, so I 'turned in' for
the night. After breakfast I thought I would have another look, and see what
was really there. Not nearly so much lantana, but more weeds and burrs. I was
able to climb around those until I got to the waters edge, and still 120 m
away. Balanced my way along a broken retaining wall on the edge of Booker Bay,
towards Daleys Point. Some nice boats were out on the water. Reached 98
metres, and being happy at that I turned back. Is that the first Geodash for
2017, being gained 0825, Sunday, 1 January, 2017! Happy New Year!"

That's Geodashing in New South Wales with Grahame Cookie

Last Updated ( 15:35 Monday, 06 February 2017 UTC )

Geodashing: Dec16  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 186 (GDDI)

"Arriving in the vicinity of the dashpoint, there is a pull-out on the left
side of the road, and I parked there, about 400 meters from the DP. Beyond
this point, there would be no access uphill because the road is cut into the
mountainside, with a vertical stone wall getting increasingly higher as the
road continues northeast. There are several dirt paths running diagonally
uphill toward the Dashpoint, and I started up the easiest of those. That took
me far above the road, and got me to 174 meters from where I needed to be,
then hit a sheer rock wall rising toward the top of the ridge line. By
crossing along the base of the rock face, I found a place where the wall was
lower and partly broken down, so I could scramble to the top and continue
through the woods toward the Dashpoint. As soon as I got within 100 meters, I
recovered my breath and went back down to the car."

That's Geodashing in Switzerland with SoccerFanatics

"It was nice to see a dashpoint in British Columbia that might be accessible
regardless of all the mountains and forests. The mapping showed it to be close
to Highway 3 between Keremeos and Hedley. Highway 3 is a picturesque drive
along the Similkameen River popular with cars and motorcycles. Following the
first snowfall of the season I struck out and 25 kms northwest of Keremeos
stopped roadside 60 meters from the coordinates! Over the fence and 50 more
meters over a flat meadow and I am standing on the dashpoint. Another 500
meters and it would mountain climbing. Beautiful spot."

That's Geodashing in British Columbia with Dave D

Last Updated ( 16:19 Wednesday, 04 January 2017 UTC )

Geodashing: Nov16  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 185 (GDDH)

"It was possible to drive to 450m, from where the trail continued through the
forest to a snow-covered meadow. There was freshly fallen snow everywhere. As
the soil under the snow was not frozen yet, there was fog floating above the
meadow due to the steaming mist that was condensing in the cold air. All this
together looked just amazingly peaceful and beautiful."

That's Geodashing in Estonia with Haraldpoiss

Last Updated ( 15:02 Sunday, 04 December 2016 UTC )

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