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Geodashing: Jan19  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 211 (GDEH)

"This dashpoint has quite a tragic story. It's not quite a kilometer up
Trancas Canyon, north of Pacific Coast Highway. This area is one of many which
were hit hard by the Woolsey Fire later last year. Many homes were saved, but
many were not, including the one at this dashpoint. Across the street, the
homes are in good shape; on this side, several homes were destroyed. At least
no one was killed or physically injured, although the psychic scars will
likely last for months or years."

That's Geodashing in California with chaosmanor
Last Updated ( 15:28 Monday, 04 February 2019 UTC )

Geodashing: Dec18  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 210 (GDEG)

"Almost the entire drive was through a winter wonderland. The snow that fell
after the rain the night before stuck to the trees. I passed two spots where
eagles and crows were feasting on something in the ditch, likely a road kill
deer. I also had to slow way down as about 20 wild turkeys crossed the road
ahead of me. The dashpoint was in woods on the south side of County Road A."

That's Geodashing in Wisconsin with Tom Arneson

"We took the day to drive into the Olympic National Forest to find this
dashpoint. The day was rainy, typical Washington weather, especially in the
rainforest. It was a good thing that I had my GPS, there were many roads that
carved deep into the forest and without good guidance, we never would have
gotten close to this point. The higher elevations were completely obscured by
the low clouds. After gaining a fair amount of altitude, we descended and
crossed a fast moving stream, already within the scoring circle. I parked and
walked down to the stream, where the area along the edge was strewn with
rounded black rocks of various sizes up to about 5 inches across. A short
walk downstream brought me to an area of shallower water causing some white
water and a wonderful sounds of rushing water. About 200 feet further
downstream, this larger stream merged with a smaller one and a small waterfall
cascaded down a steep embankment and into the stream. What a wonderful point
to score after so many mid-western corn fields and gently rolling hills."

That's Geodashing in Washington state with RogBarn

Last Updated ( 15:33 Friday, 04 January 2019 UTC )

Geodashing: Nov18  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 209 (GDEF)

"Getting to this dashpoint made me very nervous. It was getting to sundown and
we had to navigate on a gravel country road that was partially covered with
snow and ice. On top of that, the road was like a roller coaster and at the
bottom of several of the hills were frozen pools. I could just see us sliding
into one of those. The final hill got the better of us and we took off on foot
instead of driving to the bottom of the hill. The dashpoint was in a grassy
area near a bunch of trees and a creek. It probably would have been pleasant
if it were summer and in daylight. I hate snow and winter."

That's Geodashing in Iowa with deodasher

Last Updated ( 15:38 Friday, 04 January 2019 UTC )

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