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Geodashing: Jul19  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 217 (GDEN)

"The dashpoint is located in the foothills of Rocky Mountains. I drove to
Eldorado Canyon state park, and parked at the Crescent Meadows trailhead. I
then strolled down the Walker Ranch loop trail, which snaked along the side of
a mountain in the direction of the dashpoint. Soon I was as close as the trail
would take me to the dashpoint, but still half a km away. Suddenly, the
dashpoint didn't look so easy any more. The direct route to the dashpoint led
down a valley with a creek at the bottom. I found a path through the
shrubbery, crossed the creek, and started climbing towards the next ridge. But
then there were another two steeper and more thickly vegetated drainages to
cross before I could get within scoring distance. After climbing out of the
third valley and skirting a rocky outcrop, I reached the dashpoint, which lay
in a meadow near a Ponderosa Pine tree. It was perfectly peaceful at the
dashpoint, surrounded by mountains with no sign or sound of human activity,
even though I knew that there were roads, buildings, and people only a few
miles away."

That's Geodashing in Colorado with Ash Doge
Last Updated ( 15:26 Sunday, 04 August 2019 UTC )

Geodashing: Jun19  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 216 (GDEM)

"Olalala... This was a tough one. :-D 10 hours and one minute of running.
Overwhelmed with this trip. This dashpoint is on mountain road/path on Mount
Tisovac. I went thru flat paved road to hilly road to gravel road to mountain
road to path thru woods and to dashpoint. One of goodies was (pretty steep)
downhill on regular, paved road, for approx. 13 km. I found this so satisfying
on so many levels."

That's Geodashing in Bosnia and Herzegovina with zeljko_v.
Last Updated ( 15:01 Thursday, 04 July 2019 UTC )

Geodashing: May19  
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 215 (GDEL)

"We found ourselves blocked by serious flooding over the highway. We ended up
going south past some impressive granite hills and over a dam to get on a path
that took us to this destination. The dashpoint is in a thickly covered wheat
field. In the distance are wind turbines. This area is flat."

That's Geodashing in Oklahoma with deodasher

"There are 'good' gravel/dirt roads and there are 'awful' gravel/dirt roads.
And several reasons why a road might be bad. Too much or too deep mud is one
that I did not encounter here. Too much loose gravel, many large potholes and
roads that go on for miles are all situations I encountered to get to this
dashpoint. The DP itself was in a nice, newly planted field with just a touch
of green starting to show above the dirt."

That's Geodashing in Illinois with RogBarn

Last Updated ( 15:51 Tuesday, 04 June 2019 UTC )

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