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Geodashing: Nov07   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  

"The going was VERY rough in places with 4X4 being used.  What did we
find there and how will you know you have found the place? Well, after
the 3,987,478th rock on the left - do not count the round ones - you
will find the DP. Today there was a lovely cool breeze blowing and the
temperature was 29'C. A truely lovely day in Qatar. The bird life was
active today - don't ask me what they were doing there! This DP has
got to be in the most inhospitable part of Qatar - after the sandy
desert in the south! I hope that I do not have to travel here too many
times for future DP's."

That's Geodashing in Qatar with cincol

"This is likely the last dashpoint that I will be able to score before
the snow and freezing temperatures take over North Dakota - usually
there is a large snow before Halloween - and definitely sub-freezing
temperatures! It was a bright and sunny day and a great day to go
dashing with my daughter.  We stopped on the side of the road 240
meters directly east of the point.  I set out across a harvested wheat
field towards the only thing that was more than 4 inches above ground -
a broken hay roll.  I could see the Turtle Mountains in the distance. 
It was a great day to be outside!"

That's Geodashing in North Dakota with Wisk

"AGYT is near Echo Creek 440 m up the Echo Basin Trail. The basin is
known for its old-growth trees, echoing headwalls and spooky legends.
Light rain, clouds, shadowy forest, massive trees looming above stands
of mushrooms, rushing creeks, old logging cables, many large animal
scats in the trail (bear? cat?), and a coyote looking over its
shoulder at us as it disappears into the mist. Easily worth a dozen
driveby dashpoints."

That's Geodashing in Oregon with geodasher


Game 77 of Geodashing was won by team "GeoTerriers", their fourth win
in a row.  Honorable mention goes to teams "En Dash!" and "Llama

Dashing Dog Mac and Madam Dash took individual honors, thanks to a mad
dash across Victoria into new South Wales.  Close behind were En Dash!
teammates Rural Rambler and geoffj3191 (thanks to his own mad dash),
and McMeanderer.

The game saw 125 dashpoint hunts in 7 countries (Qatar, the US,
Australia, Germany, the UK, Canada and Brazil).


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

about 2km beyond the "Tent" Filling Station near Rayyan Stadium in
Qatar, scored on the first of November

in an apple orchard in Bacchus Marsh, Australia, also home to the
"Baccanalia" vineyard

in a vineyard in Germany

near Tallarook, Victoria, in a narrow wildlife corridor between two
paddocks filled with sheep guarded by alpacas

in ponderosa pine forest in Utah, beyond a prescribed burn area filled
with mostly smoke and a few burning tree stumps

next to Oregon's Black Butte Ranch, a resort community in the forest
land that looks to be recently burned, perhaps from a backfire set to
battle this summer's blaze

along Oregon's Mirror Lakes Trail, in an area littered with 30-m tall
trees felled during a wind storm

in a maze of cinder coated red roads in an Oregon forest of thick
Lodgepole Pine

along partly snow covered roads, on a collecting point for logs, in
front of a forest in Germany

400 meters into a harvested field on the edge of the Drumheller
badlands of Alberta, easily reached using a gas well road

in Malibu, California, within a half-mile of the beach and some really
nice hiking trails, in another doctors and lawyers' high-rent district

on the parking lot of a discotheque next to the Munich airport

inside the Faith Lutheran Church in Calgary, Alberta

in thick, scrubby bush land north of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

in California's San Francisquito Canyon, on the road that winds into
the hills above Castaic Lake, a prime spot for boating and fishing

in a field in Germany, near a farm house whose roof is covered with
solar cells, near a hill with two windmills

in Washington, DC, near where Habitat for Humanity is close to
finishing three duplexes

out of reach inside an Archer-Daniels-Midland processing plant far
from the bustling shopping crowd in Chicago on Black Friday

in a clump of sagebrush in the Santa Ynez Mountains near the trailhead
for the Chorro Grande Trail, a great place to escape the "madd(en)ing
crowds" of Black Friday shopping in southern California

in a forest in Germany, near the small town of Frankenstein (no, not
that Frankenstein)

in Escondido, California, surrounded by dozens of Sea-tainers, the
large boxes that freight is hauled in by ship

in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River, in front of Brew Brothers, a bar
with karaoke and live bands

in northern Philadelphia, in a very narrow one-way street lined with
row houses and many cars parked on both sides of the street

on navy land on Brazil's Isla dos Marinheiros, accessible only through
the state tax collector's weigh station

and on an old miner's track in the UK, overgrown with grass and very
wet, scored on a cold and windy evening with wet in the air


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS
receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The
waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The win
goes to who can get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to
them at all! Each game has a new set of dashpoints making each game
different and unpredictable. For more information and to play, visit .

Last Updated ( 18:09 Tuesday, 04 December 2007 UTC )


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