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Geodashing: Apr08   Print  E-mail 
Written by admin  

Results: Geodashing Game 82

"On the west side of the crest at 1000 m where the dashpoint is
located there is still over a meter of snow with much more in places.
I strapped on snowshoes. 15 minutes later I had gone only 300 m. The
sun was hot and the snow was rotten. I was sinking in up to my knees
and working up a sweat. As I trudged across an open area my right leg
punched through a hole in hidden lava rocks.  I was crouched with all
my weight on the left snowshoe while the right was dangling in mid air
under the snow. I set my pole crossways and pushed on it to extract
myself, took a deep breath and decided to head back to the car."

That's Geodashing in Oregon with geodasher

"Once we got to the location, the indicated distance on the GPSr was
153m! Problem - what do we do now? It was low tide so we decided to
wade out and see how close we could get. Here the beaches are very
flat and the slop into the sea gradual. The only danger that one has
to be aware of is stone fish! Yep - plenty of them around. Fortunately
the sea bed was sandy with a few rocks only. Still, beware of stone
fish. We waded out to waist deep water when we got a reading of 100m.
Another metre was good enough."

That's Geodashing in Qatar with cincol

"We were still 700 metres from zero, but the target was at the top of
a winding gully starting at this point, so we were able to follow the
animal tracks along both sides of the creek pouring down the steep
gully. They were probably wallaby tracks, but there were many
distinctive wombat droppings along the way, with their cavernous
underground dwellings threatening to swallow as at the first
miss-step. After 600 metres of rocks, logs and potholes we eventually
came to a large rocky outcrop overlooking a ferny glade. We were
within 100 metres and it was a beautiful peaceful area, with the only
sounds coming from the babbling brook and warbling of birds and the
croaking of frogs."

That's Geodashing in Australia with Dashing Dog Mac


Game 82 of Geodashing was won by team "GeoTerriers." Honorable
mentions go to teams "Dashed Hopes" and "Team GPS."

Jack Frickey took individual honors. Honorable mentions go to cincol
and David Mower.

The game saw 61 dashpoint hunts (the lowest in a long time!) in just 4
countries (Germany, the US, Australia, and Qatar).


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

in a plowed field in Germany that would be nothing in the dark except
for the creativity of the geodasher/photographer (check out GD82-KIPA)

in a plowed corn field in southeastern Minnesota, still with a light
coat of snow from an April snow fall

near a large hole being used to dump trash, near the Pennsylvania town
of Quarryville

in Pennsylvania, down a long driveway with large open grassy areas on
either side, guarded by a red chicken and two horses, one brown and
one white

surrounded by Pennsylvania's Cunningham Falls State Park, in gorgeous
(eastern) mountain scenery with a large stream running nearby

in a beautiful forest in Germany, with nice little creeks with black
water between mossy shores, and heather bushes in between ("really a
enchanted area")

down a pipeline road in Qatar, in the middle of nowhere with nothing
around save a couple of desert shrubs and plenty of stones

in California's San Francisco Bay Area, where The grasses are just
starting to turn brown which is always a nice contrast with the dark
green oak trees on each ridge

near the top of a small ridge just inside the Utah's Grand Staircase
Escalante National Monument, surrounded by pinion pine, juniper,
prickly pear cactus and sparse grass

and on Australia's Williamson Beach, a magnificent beach of
golden-yellow sand and beautifully shaped rollers gliding in for the


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS
receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The
waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The win
goes to who can get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to
them at all! Each game has a new set of dashpoints making each game
different and unpredictable. For more information and to play, visit .


Last Updated ( 18:58 Monday, 05 May 2008 UTC )


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