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Geodashing: Feb14   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  

Results: Geodashing Game 152 (GDCA)

"This is the closest attempted dashpoint to my home, but at 81 km the
GPSr calculated 3.5 hours to get there, but it didn't factor in the
fact that there had been landslips on some of those roads. So when I
got to a place where there had been signs some 10 kms earlier saying
that the road was closed further on I wasn't too surprised to find a
huge dirt bank where the road would have been. And yes, it did 3.5
hours just to get that far, and I was VERY glad that I had a new AWD
SUV, as my earlier car (2WD) would have gotten stuck much earlier on,
and who knows how I would have been able to get out of that forsaken

That's Geodashing in New South Wales with Grahame Cookie

"There is a wide spot where the shoulder has been plowed a bit wider
than most. I got the car almost completely out of the traffic lane,
with the right wheels well into snow. Then I headed across the field
in snow which mostly had a solid crust. Unfortunately, there were a
few places where I broke through that crust, and sometimes went down
as much as a foot into the wet snow underneath. A short way off the
road, I crossed some deer tracks, and followed them, staying mostly
dry until those tracks turned away from the point. Crossed some more
crusty snow to be to 84 meters from the point, declared victory and
headed back to the car to warm and dry my feet."

That's Geodashing in Maryland with SoccerFanatics

"I was able to drive to within 42 meters of APII, which is on a VERY
steep hill side. The road I was on is called the Alpine Loop Highway
which is a very lovely summer-time ride through steep-walled canyons
and beautiful, high-mountain meadows in Utah's Wasatch Mountains.
Today it was raining and then snowing. The road was closed due to snow
a few miles beyond the dashpoint. About 300 meters from the point is
the starting point for the hike to Timpanogos Cave which is in the
Timpanogos Cave National Monument, operated by the US National Park
Service, but also closed for the winter. I enjoyed seeing the area in
the beauty of winter."

That's Geodashing in Utah with David Mower


Game 152 (GDCA) of Geodashing was won convincingly by team
GeoTerriers, their third win in a row, who again scored more points
than all other teams combined.

Individual honors go to SoccerFanatics. Honorable mentions go to
Dashing Dog Mac, Madam Dash and RogBarn.

The game saw 55 dashpoint hunts in six countries (Australia, US, New
Zealand, Estonia, Norway and Germany).


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

west of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia, past the old church, past
the pub called The Plough, near a garden containing a small personal

in the peaceful hills above Los Gatos, California ("Last night's rains
still dripped off the leaves of the moss-covered bay trees all around
me and I could hear a small steam.")

behind fenced private property in New Zealand, up on Strath Taieri,
which is very brown and dry, whereas 40 km back on the coast summer
has been fairly wet

in Victoria, Australia, down a bushy dip into a very dry hilly paddock
with grasses yellow and eucalypts tinder dry

in Maryland, not far off MD 5 in marshy land ("I think it's a good
thing I was neat low tide, or even with the boots I had on, I might
have been wading instead of slogging over spongy terrain.")

in Illinois, along a road where there was ice and snow where the trees
shadowed the road, past an old farmhouse that looked abandoned and an
old barn on the other side of the road that also looked abandoned

in Nebraska, in an open harvested cornfield with 6-12" of snow. ("The
snow and winter makes this area look very bleak but actually it's a
nice change from the city.")

in Estonia, in forest beyond a trail that finally faded

on Kenmore Avenue, the dividing line between Buffalo, New York and its
inner ring suburb of Kenmore

in a residential neighborhood a mile from Chicago's Six Flags
amusement park, closed on this blustery day

on a very steep hillside along Utah's Alpine Loop Highway in the
Wasatch Mountains

about 3 km off the highway in South Australia on the way to Western
Australia ("Absolutely no chance that I would head off into the bush,
even with experienced company, to try and achieve this one.")

and in Norway, in the fjord, off the road between Stryn and Loen
("Mountain goes straight up on one side of the road, and straight down
into the fjord on the other side.")


Haraldpoiss learns his lesson:

"It was possible to drive to 350m, from where I walked along a trail,
which finally faded. The point was in forest. By chance it was only
800m from GDBL-MUHY, which I visited in November 2012, during which I
got stuck with car and had lot of trouble getting out of there. Well,
this time I was smarter and didn't drive that far."


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS
receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The
waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The win
goes to who can get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to
them at all! Each game has a new set of dashpoints making each game
different and unpredictable. For more information and to play, visit .


Last Updated ( 14:53 Tuesday, 04 March 2014 UTC )


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