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Geodashing: Nov15   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  

Results: Geodashing Game 173 (GDCV)

"I have never been known to be overly careful, however, and have even
gotten my car stuck in the mud on a dash before.  So, should I go
offroading on rocky, rutty roads in a Honda Civic hybrid in the middle
of the night in 40 degree weather?  Sure, why not! In hindsight, it
was stupid.  The "Road" was no more than a dirt 4x4 trail and the only
thing that kept me from turning around was that it looked better ahead
so I kept pressing on, about 2 miles.  Of course "ahead" was relative
with a narrow headlight beam and lots of washes and false trails
making it difficult to track the road.  The surface was frequently
hardpack, but near the point had transitioned to that soft sand that
you never want to stop in because you're not sure you can start again,
uphill.  Nevertheless, I stopped at the closest point of approach to
the point, wondering if I'd be stuck there.  I did confirm I had cell
reception just in case I needed to call a tow! I was able to zero the
point. At that point I had a decision... reverse course 2 miles where
I knew I had been but didn't like the roads, or press on for 4 more
miles and hope the roads got better.  I chose the latter option, but
regretted it several times.  It was quite the relief when I finally
rejoined the I-15 at Halloran Summit."

That's Geodashing in central California with AquaDyne


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