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New iSPY Is Most Realistic Location Based Spy Game Ever!   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Marc Mulcahy  
Exciting local missions include real engagements with real people at real locations in your city!

ISPY is the most realistic and interactive spy game ever created! It's the only Location-Based game that fully integrates real locations and real people and players at these locations. And it's FREE!

Until now, every Location-Based game has been limited to the app's interface, meaning you basically get the same mission over and over, so, even though you are at a real location, you will not experience live, mission-related interaction with other people or any kind of realistic engagements with enemy agents.

With iSPY, there are no avatars fighting for you. The only way to complete missions and eliminate enemy agents is by using your own tactics and abilities in the real world. Real engagements with enemy agents can happen at any time during your mission, but remember, each weapon has a specific range which is governed by GPS software, so you better make that first shot count.

ISPY is also the only spy game where you can create your own, exciting, Top Secret missions for your city. That's right; you have the ability to make the game more fun for friends and foes. The possibilities are endless!

As you rise through the ranks by completing missions and eliminating enemy agents, you will find out if you have what it takes to be one of the top field agents in your metro area.

You and your friends can also play a mission of "Last Agent Standing" where the only goal is to track each other as enemy agents and neutralize them before they get you.

As we grow, agent "Bonuses" and international contests will also. There's even interest in a television series once we reach a certain level of players. This series will include iSPY mission authors from cities all over the world as well as the top players in each city we visit.

If you live in Los Angeles, or within 50 miles of the 60 Hotel in Beverly Hills, we have an awesome mission, codenamed, "Back from the Future" for you to complete. Two more missions for L.A. will be available within the next week or so. Of course, you can create your own whenever you want.

Taking real life gaming to a whole new level, iSPY is for the James Bond in all of us!

Google Play listing below.

Website at includes 30 second video.

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