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Geodashing: Mar18   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  

Game 201 (GDDX) of Geodashing was won by GeoTerriers (40 points).

Individual honors go to SoccerFanatics. Honorable mentions go to Rhomicron and

The game saw 24 dashpoint hunts in four countries (US, Australia, Germany, and


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

near Amboy, California, in a broad sandy dry wash area with abundant creosote
bushes, numerous desert tortoise dens, a few lizards and holes that probably
were made by desert ground squirrels

in the Dorsey Hall Professional Park, in Columbia, Maryland, inside a very
handsome 2-story, brick building with false green shutters

in Great Mills, Maryland, just past a split-level frame house with off-white
siding, dark green doors and shutters, a white railing on the stone front
porch, and an attached two car garage

in Wentzville, Missouri, just past was a plain looking white ranch house with
several small weathered decorative flags in the front yard

in the leafy hillside town of Upwey, Victoria, Australia, where the nature
strips are dry and yellow as rain has been lacking in February and March

at a group of sitting benches near the St. Barbara church in Forst, Germany

in Denmark, along a two-lane country road past farms and wooded areas, which
soon turned to two tracks between a forest of birch trees

atop a grassy slope, on a paved pedestrian walkway overlooking the Riverbank
Elementary School in Sacramento, California

in Dallas, Texas, at the fence surrounding the football/soccer field next to
the stadium at Bishop Lynch High School, a massive set of buildings, including
what appears to be the school chapel or church

110 meters into Illinois's Lake Holiday, offshore from the Lake Holiday
Campground and Lake Holiday Marina

out of reach on an island in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania ("There are
boat rental businesses on this stretch of the river, but that is not something
we were going to do yesterday.")


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS
receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The
waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The win
goes to who can get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to
them at all! Each game has a new set of dashpoints making each game
different and unpredictable. For more information and to play, visit .

Last Updated ( 18:26 Wednesday, 04 April 2018 UTC )


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