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Geodashing: Jun18   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 204 (GDEA)

"The hunt for this dash-point, situated in the typical swampy forested area,
happened to be quite challenging for us with Prowling. We were ill-equipped
and the preliminary planning proved to be not substantial enough. The road
that we decided to follow was marked on our map, but in reality it was
sketchy. And by sketchy I mean it was non-existant. At first we were still
able to make progress, since overgrowth was not dense and soil was dry. But at
some point we strode into a thicket and then, even worse, a swamp that we
dared not to walk. After some prolonged desperate attempts to find our marked
road, we suddenly found ourselves on the unmarked one. It mercifully lead us
in the right direction, and some time later we managed to score. We opted to
return by the alternative route, which was longer but awarded us with some
nice views of a shallow stream, ruined stone bridge and Finnish hamlet. After
like five hours of hiking we were exhausted, totally wet and proud with

That's Geodashing in Russia with Desert Drake

"The llamas certainly picked a beautiful spot for this dashpoint: cliffs
overlooking the Pacific Ocean just a few miles north of Santa Cruz,
California. I wasn't sure I'd be able to reach this (or any) dashpoint this
month, but with my consecutive-months-with-a-find record on the line, I had to
at least give it a try. =) A wide spot in the road (Hwy 1 in this case) that
was about half a mile from the zero point was my best bet for parking for this
find. I hiked over a well-trod dirt trail to "Four Mile Beach" a
clothing-optional beach a bit south of the zero point. Much to my great
disappointment, I had the beach to myself on this overcast summer day.
Although I did find a nice little sea cave on the north end of the beach, I
couldn't get closer than 400 meters to the dashpoint from this direction.
Backtracking toward my car, I turned north and followed a set of disused
railroad tracks until I got to some fields growing cabbage (or maybe lettuce?
I dunno--I'm a city boy). I followed the edge of the fields west along a dirt
access road and then north along the coast until I was 31 meters away from the
zero point on top of an ice plant covered cliff. I didn't lean over the cliff
to get a shot of the exact zero point, sorry, but got some nice shots from
closest approach."

That's Geodashing in California with Buxley

"Twenty-eight years ago was a Saturday exactly like today. The temperatures
was around in the 84°F/29°C - exactly like today. The difference - I was
wearing a white tuxedo and hadn't seen Sherry since the previous night, and
today I woke up next to her, and took my 18 year old son out to renew his
learner's permit and then hit a dashpoint. Today's my 28th wedding
anniversary, but indeed, we did the learner's permit renewal and the dashpoint
as well. After heading to the Plano Department of Motor Vehicles (which has
MUCH shorter lines), my younger son took the written test and passed with no
problem. We went the 10 miles/16 km to the north to hit the dashpoint in
Little Rock, Illinois. The point is smack in the middle of farm country about
58 meters east of Vilmin Road in the corn (panoramic picture to be uploaded).
The younger Markwell drove from the DMV to the dashpoint, practiced a 3 point
turn, and then drove the rest of the way home. I'd like to say it was a nice
relaxing drive to the dashpoint, but let's just say it was a nice drive to the

That's Geodashing in Illinois with Markwell


Game 204 (GDEA) of Geodashing was won by GeoTerriers (33 points). Honorable
mentions go to Llama League (28 points) and new team Swampwalkers (18 points).

Individual honors go to Douq Millar and deodasher (15 points each). Honorable
mention goes to Desert Drake and SoccerFanatics (12 points).

The game saw 44 dashpoint hunts in four countries (US, Russia, Australia, and


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

in a wooded area near the Misty Pond trailer park in Bonney Lake, Washington

5 meters south of the railway in Pontonny town, a suburb of Saint-Petersburg,

in Santa Maria, Brazil, in front of a run-down yellow and orange house ("but
we've all seen worse") with an old VW Santana parked in a lean-to garage and
an old Toyota Corolla in front

unreachable in Oregon, in a canyon with steep slopes on either side and
impossible roads ("Still 3.2 miles away the road on our map was a gated and
very faint doubletrack.")

unreachable beyond "No Trespassing" signs in Arizona's Gilda River Indian
Community, who are concerned about illegal dumping

in Idaho, past numerous fields in round circles due to center pivot
irrigation, many potato fields, in an unfenced field of some cereal crop

in Utah, in the weeds surrounding a circular center-pivot field of some grain

in a corn field in South Dakota, with corn fields in all directions

outside St Petersburg, Russia, in a suburban road junction near dense forest
with small ponds and swamps, near Zapadnaya Litsa River, famous for tough
battles in its area during WW2

in Virginia, in an open but fenced field, with an unfenced patch of woods just
before that, past a huge tree that recently fell (based on all the dirt still
on the exposed roots)

in Mettler, California, a city the interstate highway passed by, across from
the abandoned school and in a nice crop of green leafy stuff ("not cabbage or
kale or suchlike. I suspect turnips or parsnips, or maybe radishes: something
like that.")

in Houston, just outside a shopping center ("Went to the grocer to get my
favorite nighttime treat, Magnum Mini Almond Ice Cream Bars by Rainforest

at the wrought iron gates of a new house northwest of Melbourne, in a area of
semi-rural properties, many with preserved gum trees and sheep in the yards to
keep the grass down

in Russia, in a forest reserve with an unpronounceable Finnish name
(Vyaryamyanselkya Range, for your reference) with high graceful pines, soft
ferns, forest blossom and a beautiful stream very close to the point

in a grassy area behind a Mobil gas station outside White River Junction,

in a cemetery in Holyoke, Massachusetts, scored appropriately just after

just off the Texas City dike, a thin ribbon of land extending 5 miles into
Galveston Bay, a popular place to fish ("It was virtually destroyed by
Hurricane Ike and was closed for a year or two.")

north of the plant of the Oneok North System Natural Gas pipeline facility
southwest of Chicago

in Georgia, at the end of a gravel road leading out into wilderness, lined
with no trespassing signs (for the "Horny Hunters Haven Club")

in a soybean field with young plants just past the small town of Beemer,

at the end of a gravel road in the middle of suburbia, with three or four
houses with modern architecture that looked vaguely like Frank Lloyd Wright

and in the Pacific Ocean below an ice plant covered cliff northwest of Santa
Cruz, California


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS
receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The
waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The win
goes to who can get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to
them at all! Each game has a new set of dashpoints making each game
different and unpredictable. For more information and to play, visit .

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