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Geodashing: Jun19   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 216 (GDEM)

"Olalala... This was a tough one. :-D 10 hours and one minute of running.
Overwhelmed with this trip. This dashpoint is on mountain road/path on Mount
Tisovac. I went thru flat paved road to hilly road to gravel road to mountain
road to path thru woods and to dashpoint. One of goodies was (pretty steep)
downhill on regular, paved road, for approx. 13 km. I found this so satisfying
on so many levels."

That's Geodashing in Bosnia and Herzegovina with zeljko_v.

"I'm on a trip round parts of Europe on my motorbike, so as I'm on my own and
can do what I want I went for a couple of dashpoints today. This one is round
the back streets of Liege and there were a few challenges to overcome on the
bike. First was a closed road and a diversion down by the side of the river,
across cobble stones! Next were small side streets, many one way only, but I
eventually parked up 20 metres from the dash point, took a photo and rode
through the dash point, which is in front of a warehouse where some people
were unloading vans of, what looked like, a house clearance, into the

That's Geodashing in Belgium with Morseman


Game 216 (GDEM) of Geodashing was won by team GeoTerriers. Honorable mentions
go to En Dash! and Llama League.

Individual honors go to Morseman. Honorable mentions go to SoccerFanatics and

The game saw 49 dashpoint hunts in eight countries (US, New Zealand, Belgium,
Germany, Australia, France, UK, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

behind a fence and on private property on Hoopers Inlet Road on New Zealand's
Otago Peninsula ("Freezing, rainy winter's day to be heading out on the

in the NW-bound traffic lane of Wheeler Road in suburban Washington, DC, in
front of a two-story brick home with peonies planted along the foundation

20 metres into an open field just outside the village of Schmidtheim, Germany,
in some great motorbiking country ("The Gast Hais that I’m staying in has a
huge room, really nice surroundings and great countryside, and I’d probably
never have found it without Geofashing.")

in a paddock with a 19th century drystone wall off Stonyford Road, west of
Melbourne, part of a picturesque scene with rolling green hills and a flock of
white cockatoos

a drive-by in a pastoral setting outside Metz, France

right next to a signpost for a footpath between Oxford and Bristol in England,
easy to zero from the road, but hard to reach because of a tree down across
the road some 700 metres from the dashpoint

in the yard of small house in Pasadena, Texas, full of houseplants in pots

in north-central Missouri, just past a Century Farm, run by the same family
for more than 100 years, with a farmhouse with a white fence and various

in wet, scrubby bush, quite open with just a smattering of lantana, in the
Northern Rivers area of far north New South Wales

in central Missouri, not too far south of the interstate along a gravel
section road with large honeysuckle bushes along the top of the embankment on
both sides of the road

in northern England, in the grounds of Cusworth Hall, right in front of the
main entrance to the 18th-century country house

in the green strip surrounding a convenience market in Omaha, Nebraska

in England, just outside the village of Egton on a road too narrow to stop
("hopefully my helmet cam was still working, as the battery was flat before I
got back to camp. If it was, I'll get a still from the video.")

on an unremarkable street near Seattle, Washington ("I grabbed a shot between
houses with a peek-a-boo view of Puget Sound just past Alki Beach, no doubt
paling in comparison to the view from the back decks of these houses.")

119 meters off Ridge Route Road, poorly-maintained county road that parallels
I-5, the newest route through the pass between Los Angeles and Bakersfield

in heavy woods and a rock outcropping west of St. Louis, in an area of
wonderful houses, mostly 2 stories with 3 car garages and large gabled windows

in Meredith Center, New Hampshire, just beyond Robinson Burying Ground

just three short meters north of Walnut Avenue in Hollister, California,
across the road from San Felipe Vineyards

in Romeoville, Illinois (next to Juliet, Illinois), in a construction area for
a technology park accessible from "Mongo McMichaels", a typical sports bar for
the Chicago area

in a turnip field in northern France

in a corn field south of Paris where the corn is tall for June (2 feet) and a
farmer was laying hoses for irrigation

in a juvenile macadamia orchard near Tregeable in far north New South Wales

and in rural Colorado ("grassland and a dirt road") across the road from a
young wheat field


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are quoted
here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original reports are
available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS receivers on a
playing field that covers the entire planet. The waypoints, or dashpoints, to
be reached are randomly selected. The win goes to who can get to the most
dashpoints; that is, if you can get to them at all! Each game has a new set of
dashpoints making each game different and unpredictable. For more information
and to play, visit .
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