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Geodashing: Jul19   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 217 (GDEN)

"The dashpoint is located in the foothills of Rocky Mountains. I drove to
Eldorado Canyon state park, and parked at the Crescent Meadows trailhead. I
then strolled down the Walker Ranch loop trail, which snaked along the side of
a mountain in the direction of the dashpoint. Soon I was as close as the trail
would take me to the dashpoint, but still half a km away. Suddenly, the
dashpoint didn't look so easy any more. The direct route to the dashpoint led
down a valley with a creek at the bottom. I found a path through the
shrubbery, crossed the creek, and started climbing towards the next ridge. But
then there were another two steeper and more thickly vegetated drainages to
cross before I could get within scoring distance. After climbing out of the
third valley and skirting a rocky outcrop, I reached the dashpoint, which lay
in a meadow near a Ponderosa Pine tree. It was perfectly peaceful at the
dashpoint, surrounded by mountains with no sign or sound of human activity,
even though I knew that there were roads, buildings, and people only a few
miles away."

That's Geodashing in Colorado with Ash Doge

"I was at 154 meters from the dashpoint while on the Overlook Fire Road, a
wide dirt path good for foot and bicycle travel. I had hoped to be able to
walk across a dry meadow to score, which is more-or-less what I faced. What
I'd not realized was how steep the walk would be, and with no real path. I
caught a bit of a break, because a flattish ridge runs south of the dashpoint,
and I was able to work my way across it to about 110 meters, thus making the
downhill portion much easier. Still, it was about a half-hour of working my
way through mustards and grasses and some other herbaceous vegetation, as well
as more-traditional chaparral such as sagebrush."

That's Geodashing in California with chaosmanor


Game 217 (GDEN) of Geodashing was won by team Llama League. Honorable mentions
go to En Dash! and GeoTerriers.

Individual honors go to RogBarn. Honorable mentions go to chaosmanor and

The game saw 39 dashpoint hunts in three countries (US, Canada, New Zealand).


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

near Meadow, Utah, in terrain of cedar trees, sagebrush and dry grass west of
Sunset Peak, elevation 10,088 feet

in Iowa farmland where the soybeans are small due to late planting because of
Spring rains, but coneflower, chicory, clover, day lilies, pea partridge,
butterfly weed, and Queen Anne's lace are in bloom

in a peaceful meadow in Colorado near a Ponderosa Pine tree, surrounded by
mountains with no sign or sound of human activity

105 meters in the woods across from a trailer park in far northern Virginia

in West Virginia, by a two-story home set on a large lot, mostly in lawn, with
a large front porch with hanging plants and buntings for the Fourth of July

in California's Point Mugu State Park, on a steep slope with mustards and
grasses as well as more-traditional chaparral such as sagebrush

on a dead end street, down a walking path near some powerlines, off IH35
outside Kansas City, Kansas

in Fishlake National Forest in central Utah, under the branches of a scrub oak
tree and near a Sego Lily flower in bloom, the state flower of Utah

35 meters up a well used game trail off Sunset Main logging road in British

in the doorway of the now closed Mexican Restaurant La Adelita in downtown
Plainfield, Illinois

on public land on the shore of Lake Waihola in the south of New Zealand's
south island, scored by motorcycle on a mild mid-winter day

in the desert off IH40 in Arizona, near several ocotillo that stood out from
the commoner scrub grasses and bushes, scored with a temperature of 112°F/44°C

in a ritzy neighborhood outside Seattle, with newer and bigger houses than
surrounding neighborhoods on bigger lots with lots of trees

outside a tan stucco house with rock accents in surburban Phoenix

on an organic farm in Indiana with newly sprouted soybeans about 8 inches tall

in a corn field in Ohio in the middle of a big wind farm with at least 91

in Michigan, behind a house with blond brick façade and a deck in back, in a
neighborhood of '60s style ranch houses

in Nebraska City in eastern Nebraska, in Steinhart park near an old WWII tank
and a big ship anchor

in a cornfield in Nebraska, just downhill from a newer farmhouse painted dark
grey, in an area with a small settlement surrounding a man made lake

in Overgaard, Arizona, outside a time-share resort with an Old West feel, near
a house hidden behind the junipers and pines marked by a boulder with "THE
LET-US GETAWAY" painted on it

south of Houston and "out in the middle of nowhere" by a nice home with
a large lawn of manicured green grass

and in the northern part of the San Francisco Bay Area up a narrow, unmarked
access road that feeds into several (huge) homes' driveways


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are quoted
here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original reports are
available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS receivers on a
playing field that covers the entire planet. The waypoints, or dashpoints, to
be reached are randomly selected. The win goes to who can get to the most
dashpoints; that is, if you can get to them at all! Each game has a new set of
dashpoints making each game different and unpredictable. For more information
and to play, visit .

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