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Geodashing: Oct19   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
Results: Geodashing Game 220 (GDEQ)

"Rather than stay inside on a rainy day, we decided to take a short drive to
grab this dashpoint. We went west and then south and found Wilderness Road. We
were immediately transported into a world of brilliant colors, large hills and
beautiful vistas. There were occasional houses, neatly tucked in the trees. At
our closest approach, we were headed up a steep hill. The dashpoint was to our
left, steeply downhill. The foliage at the dashpoint was the brightest and
most colorful of any we saw in many years. Almost the whole rainbow was
included, yellows, reds, oranges and even some purples with a few still
showing green. Colorful low bushes and tall maple trees made it seem like a
color explosion to the eye. It was an awesome dashpoint to behold."

That's Geodashing in Missouri with RogBarn

"Most of the land area in the Santa Barbara region falls within the huge Los
Padres National Forest, so it’s common for dashpoints to land in inaccessible
locations. This month, I was excited to find that there was finally one near
to a trail in the forest. I drove an hour up to the mountain ridge road Camino
Cielo. After parking, I followed the Cold Spring Trail down 2 miles,
descending 1300 feet in elevation. The dashpoint was a fortunate 78 meters
from the trail. Not many wildlife sightings except for some families of quail.
I can never get over the contrasting views from the mountain ridge: the ocean
and Channel Islands on one side, and layers of mountains and valleys on the
forest side."

That's Geodashing in California with Rhomicron


Game 220 (GDEQ) of Geodashing was won by team Llama League, their fourth win
in a row. Honorable mention goes to En Dash!.

Individual honors go to Douq Millar and deodasher, thanks to a mad dash across
Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana (lots of cornfields, there).

The game saw 43 dashpoint hunts in three countries (US, Australia, and UK).


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

on a road in California's central valley, with a very large almond orchard on
the south and acres of cotton filling the field to the north

in New South Wales, off Peats Ridge Rd, a kilometre along a rocky trail, in
scrubby dry sclerophyill forest

in a harvested soybean field in rural Illinois, down narrow roads with many
turns and bad pavement

in dense, tangled forest on a slope leading down to Peterson Lake at the foot
of the Medicine Bow Mountains in Colorado

only about 5 meters from the freeway right-of-way fence in central Utah, but
requiring a mile drive on a dirt road alongside the freeway to get there

in a field of sheep southeast of Glasgow, Scotland

in an unfenced, unharvested corn field off I-80 in central Nebraska ("on our
way to McCook, Nebraska, to attend a tree symposium")

along the side of the gravel road between two unfenced, harvested soybean
fields in Nebraska

in central Illinois, in a harvested and plowed corn field just past another
field of heirloom brown corn still waiting to be harvested

on the north side of Los Angeles, off of I-210, near the Baby Castle "Sweet
Dreams Baby Boutique" clothing store

off of Wilderness Road southwest of St Louis, in a world of brilliant fall
colors, large hills and beautiful vistas (" the brightest and most colorful of
any we saw in many years")

in Gethsemane Catholic Cemetery in Washington state, where a statue of Our
Lady of Guadalupe overlooks the dashpoint

along a power line right-of-way near the border of Alabama and Georgia

just off of a bridge over the Santa Maria River between Santa Barbara and San
Luis Obispo counties in California ("The river has virtually no water above
ground along here at this time of year.")

78 meters off of the trail in the Los Padres National Forest, with beautiful
views from the mountain ridge of the Channel Islands on the ocean side and
layers of mountains and valleys on the forest side

southeast of Chesterfield, England, down a narrow lane near Hardwick Hall, an
Elizabethan country house

on the banks of the Kankakee River in Wilmington, Illinois, not far from a
house with a lawn jockey, a lawn ornament widely considered either racist or,
at best, kitsch.

in southeastern Iowa, in a harvested and recently plowed and muddy field, in
really flat bottom land ("as bland as you get")

near Burlington, Iowa, in a nicely wooded area of the outskirts of town with
numerous lakes ("We are seeing some colors in the nearby woods and some
chicory is still blooming.")

in Illinois in a weedy pasture off a wet gravel road ("There’s been snow here
recently but less than an inch.")

in an unharvested cornfield in central Illinois ("We really can't describe
much as we're in near whiteout conditions. No traffic. No one else is crazy
enough to be out in these conditions."

in the parking lot of Valley Presbyterian Church in Portola Valley, California
just a few miles southwest of Stanford, surrounded by very tall fir trees that
almost look like redwoods

near Ventura, California, just past Ventura Community Park and in a citrus
orchard ("lemons, probably")


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are quoted
here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original reports are
available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS receivers on a
playing field that covers the entire planet. The waypoints, or dashpoints, to
be reached are randomly selected. The win goes to who can get to the most
dashpoints; that is, if you can get to them at all! Each game has a new set of
dashpoints making each game different and unpredictable. For more information
and to play, visit .

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