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Geodashing: Jul04   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
"I noticed that the first half mile was typical desert terrain, bugs,
birds, scrub; between 1/2 mile to 1 mile in only bugs were visible.
After that first mile, no life at all. Just crystallized salt and
hardened earth. I was in one of the most barren and lifeless places
on earth."

That's Geodashing with YLO_RLR in Death Valley.

"I got to about 9.2 km from the DP when I decided to turn around as
the road was getting too difficult for my 2-wheel drive car. In the
process of turning around I got stuck in the sandy soil. After a few
tries to get out I realised I needed more help. It was near sunset
and I was 6 km off the highway, but I had my bike. I used it to get
back to I-82 and to the truck weighing station where I called a
friend to come to rescue me. We came back and got the car out this
morning. Zero points for this one. If I were to try again. I'd try a
boat ..."

That's Geodashing in Washington with Tom Arneson.

"This one we actually swooped 3 times to make sure. The first time we
came in at about 400 feet, and flew right over the point, but at 400
feet I couldn't claim scoring. We swooped again, but this time
swerved to the south of the point - within the 300 foot elevation,
but not within the 300 foot distance from the point. Third time was
indeeed a charm, as we got within 11 meters of the point, and had the
altitude of 266 feet (81 m)."

That's Aero-Dashing by Piper Cherokee with Markwell.


Game 37 of Geodashing was won by Llama League, returning to the
victor's circle after a one game absence. Team GPS took second place
and new team Dash Vader finished third.

Individual honors went to new champion pllasstic, followed in second
by the always reliable Jack Frickey. Douq Millar took third.

Game 37 saw 237 dashpoint hunts in ten countries, including Belgium,
Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United
Kingdom, United States, and the game's first attempt in Uruguay.


A random sample of this game's random dashpoints:

on the top of the western face of a sheer cliff 150-200 feet high
outside Santa Paula, California

a few hundred feet from the second largest granite dome in Texas'
Enchanted Rock State Park

in the ocean just off the Maine coast

in a swimming pool in Maryland

on the boundary of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical
Park in Maryland

off limits on the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Reservation in
Washington State, where plutonium was made during the Cold War

in the German village of Bocket, between the village church, the pub,
the cash-machine and the grocery store

to the rear of a farm at 16 Claylands Road, Whitwell, Worksop which
is in Nottinghamshire but has a Sheffield post code (all clear?)

in an Illinois bean field, near some entity called Saratoga Center --
"I can't see ANYTHING that looks like the center of ANYTHING here.
there was NOTHING out here but corn, beans and worms."

in the heart of Chicago where I-57 starts as a spin-off of I-90/94,
in no way one of the best neighborhoods in the City of Chicago

in a soggy North Dakota wheat field

in an impossibly dense cornfield in Nebraska

in a Texas field with two oil wells, guarded by a small herd of
killer attack cows and some very piqued bulls

under some California Redwood trees, near a driveway on which was
parked an enormous white SUV, whose nose was just sticking into a
garage that was obviously too small for it

in the yard of a rundown shack, down a dirt track in a rural village
in South Africa, dotted with wood and tin stalls selling anything
from live chickens to single cigarettes and quarts of beer

near an old unkempt cemetery on the Jicarilla Apache Indian
Reservation in New Mexico

at the edge of wild raspberry thicket in Virginia

at the edge of a woods in a switchback of the North Fork of
Virginia's Shenandoah River

on a nature preserve down a dirt road near Rome, New York, past
the "Please Slow Butterflies" sign, where all the butterflies seemed
to be of normal speed.

near the shore of Texas' Stillhouse Hollow, where driving across the
dam provides a stunning view of the lake

in a small vineyard on the banks for the Mosel River, near the town
of Mülheim, Germany

in an experimental vineyard belonging to the University of Pisa,
through an ornate gateway and up a long driveway towards a pink villa
on the hill

in a field of yellow flowers just off the Trans-Canada highway in

in a German meadow full of wonderful smelling Eifel herbs

among huge heaps of sand and stones in a German quarry formed from
the inner cone of an inactive volcano

near a field of grazing llamas just outside a house in Monument,
Colorado, with a second floor porch supported by columns made from
the trunks of Lodge Pole Pine trees,

on the rolling plains of Uruguay, dotted with occasional sheep and

in a UK cornfield, next to Slimbridge, the wetlands trust, a bird
watchers' paradise

on a New Mexico plateau, flat with lots of cedar trees and sage
brush, home of American antelope

in a nature reserve in southern Brazil near where five rivers join
together and then flow into the Lagoa dos Patos, South America's
largest lake

down a wild horse trail on Washington's Yakama Indian Reservation, at
the end of a 4.6 km hike in 100F (38C) temperature

and in South Africa's Kruger National Park, past a large bull giraffe
in the road


"We made it half an hour north of Milwaukee when the deer jumped in
front of the Dashmobile that was doing about 70 mph at the time.
That kind of put a damper on everything."

That's Geodashing with FWDDriver. Thankfully, no humans were hurt.
Each year, vehicles collide with 45,000 deer on highways in Wisconsin
alone. Be careful out there.
Last Updated ( 08:27 Thursday, 04 August 2005 UTC )


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