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KiloQuest   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Tom Arneson  

Today I walked 13km to complete 11 holes on my current GeoGolf course. On Friday my car needed service and I had over 2 hours to wait. Instead of waiting I went after kilometer intersections on the UTM grid.

I reached 8 of them and walked 9.3 km. I developed KiloQuest while I was working in Indonesia. It can be played anywhere without preperation or websites. Just set your GPSr to the UTM coordinate system and get as close as you can to E= xxx000 N=yyyy000. Scoring is based on how close you get to the intersection.

dist points
>20 10 (distance in meters)
>40 9
>60 8
>80 7
>100 6
>120 5
>140 4
>160 3
>180 2
>200 1

All travel is by human power i.e. walk, bike, kayak. The nearest Kilo point is less than 708 meters (0.43 miles) from any location in the UTM system, which covers all the earth except polar regions.

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