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How do you review new dashpoints?   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Markwell  
Since the new dashpoints for September are available, I'll run through my initial review process.

I download the CSV and pump them through my  GeodashingDistance MS Access database (available in the utilities folder). It limits the dashes to within 500 miles - roughly 725 50 each month. You could also do the same with Servmans sorter/distancer that geodasher mentions.

I then take the CSV and map the points in Microsoft Streets and trips, while at the same time have an Excel Spreadsheet open. I look seriously at each point within about 125 miles of home, rate them by their ease in scoring (Drive by, short walk, long walk, not reasonable - which may have to become fly-by now) and make 16 characters worth of notes (typical: RCKFD AIRPORT and I know it's near the Rockford Illinois Airport). I also have some specialized areas beyond the regular 125 miles that I'll look at if I'm going out of town (like I am this September).

Once I have all my notes and comments (including estimated one-way drive time), I pump that spreadsheet into my Geo-Fun Access database - something that has evolved over 3 years. It handles my local caches, stores some standard locations for me (home, work, in-law's house, etc.). I've developed some queries that create a standard Gedashing note, and the ariel and topo maps for me to take along to explain to people I may have to ask permission from.

All this preparation, and I'll probably only score 3-4 points each month. This month, I've only had 1 score (and second place at that), and one non-score. :-( Real life  crept up on me.

That's me - pouring over the maps and not getting out nearly as much as I want.

Last Updated ( 16:25 Monday, 30 August 2004 UTC )


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