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What equipment do you use?   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Dave Hinns  

I use a Palm T3 PDA when dashing. I plug my Garmin 12 into it via a cable then use Pathaway to provide me the maps.

You can use any map picture and give it two known points for it to be truely GPS compatible. I use Multimap to give me driving maps at 100k then detailed OS maps at 25K for when you get close. As it knows the settings for each map you can drive close using the 100k map then zoom into the 25K map, and even zoom into the aerial photos if needed.

I've also a little plug in camera as well, so have that for the photos. Quite a neat small assistant.

I use Autoroute to plan the route there, so just import the whole database. For the Garmin I tend to only use the south UK part, so use the Database Dashpoint Query off the main page (  to filter the nearest 250 miles. Or I just use Garmins mapsource to cut and paste the dashpoints I need if I'm travelling further afield.

I always load at least each months nearest dashpoints  ithin 250 miles into my GPS at month start, just in case. Then my GPS is with me in case I get a chance.
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