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Geodashing: Sep04   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
"My wife and I headed out for a Labor Day drive.  We crossed the
Mississippi River from Missouri into Illinois and quickly found
ourselves in typical country - corn and soybeans.  We can tell that
it is getting late in the season, some of the corn is brown, some of
the soybeans have yellow mixed in with the green as they ripen and
occasionally there is a field that has already been harvested and

-- A start of great promise for Geodashing in September with RogBarn.

"We headed for the levee as a foot bridge to the west - big
mistake.  The 'levee' was really a silted up beaver dam that got
progressively rougher. deodasher wanted to turn back but I kept
pushing us forward.  Then she fell in a hole and while trying to get
back to help her up, I fell in a hole. Turns out we were on the
rotten logs of the beaver dam, concealed by dense grass and reeds,
and the logs were collapsing under us."

-- That's Geodashing with Douq Millar in Wisconsin

"Hurricane Ivan had dumped so much water west of here that the water
behind the dam was filling up so fast that they were having to open
the flood gates to protect the dam.  This, of course, meant flooding
downstream. Maryland-222 was already flooded. I was told that there
were 35 flood gates and the most anyone could remember being open
was 15 or so.  Now they were trying to open them as fast as they
could until they had 31 of them open.  I soon saw all this first
hand when I crossed over the dam. To the west was massive water very
near the top of the dam, and to the east was the mist from huge
amounts of water spilling over the dam and flooding the lowlands
below...a most impressive sight."

-- September weather to remember, as experienced by Jack Frickey.

"I made it down a mile or two to a locked gate with the 'Border
Patrol - No Trespassing' sign. I pulled to the side of the road to
assess the situation. I put my truck in park and as it settled in
gear the right edge I was on gave way and my front right tire was
left dangling over it. My front bumper was the only thing keeping it
from going over and into a small pit. I jacked the front end to keep
it more balanced and started walking.  ...  On Sunday, we rigged a
chain to the trucks and my cousin was able to yank me out.  On the
way back out of the area I noticed a resounding metal on metal
grind. The cross member that protects my driveshaft from beneath had
collapsed and forced it up.  So where the transmission meets the
driveshaft is messed up.  The bearing at the joint was forced up.
So, anyone trying this dashpoint will need special permission from
the Border Patrol and be careful not to get too close to the edge of
the road."

-- A not-so-great end to Geodashing in September with YLO_RLR.


Game 39 of Geodashing was won by Llama League, by a wide margin over
runner-up GeoTerriers. Third place went to Team GPS.  Individual
honors went to free agent Jack Frickey, with Douq Millar in second
and pllasstic in third place.

Game 39 saw 230 dashpoint hunts in ten countries (United Arab
Emirates, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany,
New Zealand, the UK and the US), including the game's first ever
visits to Argentina and the United Arab Emirates.


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

on a family farm, after a nice drive down many enjoyable Indiana
gravel roads in Amish country, shared with horses and buggies

in a quiet residential area of older, but well-kept, large, two-
story homes in Rockville, Maryland, where the Mercedes, BMWs,
Acuras, Volvos and the like were arriving home from work as the
Hondas, Nissans and Fords of the housekeepers were leaving.

in the front garden of a very plain looking house in the Wellington,
New Zealand suburb of Ava.

on the northern edge of a farmer's field of something green and
leafy (Geodashing players obviously need to eat more vegies).

in a Washington apple orchard surrounded by fertile, irrigated
farmland growing mint, corn, potatoes, onion and hay (that's better).

in a field of sweet potatoes in North Carolina, where the farmer,
inspecting his crop, judged it disappointing, the plants having only
two or three small potatoes instead of the normal four or five (now
we're talkin' agriculture).

on the edge of a field of ripe sugar beets in Germany, in a region
that used to be a big quarry for soft coal.

in the forest between Ünglert and Buch in Odenwald, with many
mushrooms there ("but not my favorites: Pifferlinge").

in a cotton field in Abilene, Texas

along a ridge top in Shawnee State Forest in Ohio, home to some fine
squirrel hunting

on the very edge of a steep bluff overlooking Wisconsin's St. Croix
River, where the GPSr read 98.8 meters, saving a scramble down the

on the top of a ridge along the Paluxy River in Texas' Dinosaur
Valley State Park, home to some of the best preserved dinosaur
tracks in the world.

down a long driveway near Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
in Colorado, home to petrified Sequoia trees and Tsetse flies.

in a neighborhood of older houses on large wooded lots outside
Cincinnati, Ohio, where dashpoints are guarded by a narrow creek
with a steep, ten-foot bank, very thick with vegetation.

beyond a locked gate down a narrow track full of potholes along the
side of a horse stable in southern Brazil.

down a dirt ranch road to nowhere, New Mexico, past a few herds of
American antelope, grazing cattle and sheep.

in a field in the middle of nowhere in eastern Colorado ...
sunflowers, weeds, weeds, weeds, and a house a half a mile away with
not a soul around ... except grasshoppers, ants, crows, etc!!

in a field just off the main highway about midway between Jebel Ali
and Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

part way up the hill behind a farm, looking south to Morgan Lake and
a lot of real nice Vermont countryside.

next to a water tank on top of a hill, where the view was obscured
by smoke from California's San Bernardino fire

in the woods off I-87 in New York, near a trading post hosting an
antique auction, with cars overflowing from the parking lot

in the little UK village of Chaddersley Corbett, visited the day of
a wedding at the church.

a short walk through the bush in Lysterfield Park, a lush green park
on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne.

at the Town of West Seneca, New York, composting site ("when I was a
kid in the early sixties we used to sit behind the incinerator that
was here and shoot rats with our 22's!")

on a small road leading to Dinas reservoir, 100 meters from the road
exactly in another field of sheep ("well it is Wales").

in Western Australia's Mundaring State Forest, down a washout 4WD
trail that from the looks of it hasn't been used in a very long
time, past a mob of emus and several tiger snakes.

and in Victoria, in a bright yellow field of canola blooms
surrounded by clusters of green eucalypts (no wonder Australia's
national colours are green and gold).


"The highlight of getting this Vermont dashpoint was explaining to
Farmer Finnegan that getting my truck stuck in a foot of mud at 6:30
in the morning was not due to flat-landerishness, but rather was due
to 25 seconds of pure, cheerful, innate dumbness.  We had a pretty
good chuckle about that. He hauled me out with his tractor, after
which we spent a nice long time just admiring the morning, including
watching a migrating 'V' of Canada geese, their faint honking
heralding the coming winter. Armed with some apples from the Farmer
Finnegan's orchard and a freshly made doughnut courtesy of his wife,
I headed onward, pleased as pie with my first dashpoint."

A September Geodashing moment to remember by Mosaica.


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.

Last Updated ( 08:27 Thursday, 04 August 2005 UTC )


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