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Glofun(TM) RayGun(TM): Fast-paced location game for GPS cell phones   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by LisaLouise  

GloVentures, LLC, announces the upcoming release of Glofun RayGun, a GPS game for cell phones. RayGun is a fast-paced ghost-hunting game that combines the mental intensity of a video game with the physical intensity of a sport.

GloVentures, LLC, has just announced the upcoming release of Glofun™ RayGun™, the world’s first “high-intensity” location game for cell phones.

Here’s the game’s premise: A cell phone loaded with RayGun software emits “spectral” energy that lets you attract and track ghosts. Unfortunately, the energy also annoys the ghosts, so you’d better “ionize” them before they get to you.

And here’s the twist: RayGun is a GPS game, and to play it you have to move through the real world—that is, running around using your real feet. To aim the raygun at a ghost, you move toward it. Moving quickly increases the raygun’s range. You can adjust your beam to long and narrow (good for zapping ghosts while they’re still far away) or short and wide (good for zapping them when they’re closing in on you). The longer you play, the more ghosts you attract, and the faster you have to move to stay ahead.

RayGun currently runs on the Nextel i710 and i730 handsets. It has passed “funability” testing by students at the University of Washington, who rated both the game concept and the game experience very highly.  GloVentures are now awaiting Nextel approval; they hope to release the game early 2005.  

RayGun is the first title in the Glofun product line of "high-intensity" location games. Glofun games, including RayGun, combine the mental intensity of video games with the physical intensity of sports. 

High-Intensity Location Games

In location-based games, the real world serves as the game board. In order to “make a move” in the game, the player must move in the real world. Most location-based games (e.g., Undercover, Botfighters) make use of relatively low-precision location data derived solely from cellular technology. As a consequence, their real-world play spaces are large (typically an entire city), and the players’ movements must be correspondingly large (typically a city block or more). The large scale of such games means that they are relatively slow-playing.

A more recent location-based game, Swordfish, uses assisted GPS, which can pinpoint the player’s location more precisely than cellular technology. However, the game makes use of only an occasional location fix (for which the player pays a small fee) to determine whether the player is within range of a virtual fish (approximately 50m). Gameplay continues without any further tracking of the player’s movements. As a consequence, much of the gameplay has nothing to do with the player’s location.

Glofun games, in contrast, make the most of the handset's GPS. Tracking the player’s location, bearing, and velocity precisely and rapidly -- throughout the game -- increases a game's mental and physical intensity:

·         The physical area of the game can be reduced to a more human scale. Glofun games can be played entirely within an area the size of a soccer field, or even a suburban backyard.

·         Smaller scale translates into faster game play. Because players' moves are measured seconds rather than minutes, Glofun games have an immediacy that’s not possible with yesterday's location technology.

Glofun games combine the mental intensity of video games with the physical intensity of sports. GloVentures calls these fast-paced location games “high-intensity” to distinguish them from their slower-paced predecessors.

About GloVentures

GloVentures is an R&D company focused exclusively on location-based entertainment. We have developed an extensive patent portfolio related to location-based entertainment and training.  In addition to creating location-based games for mobile devices, GloVentures develops and licenses related technology. The privately held company was founded in April, 2002. GloVentures is located in Redmond, Washington.


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