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Cache Approval Process   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  

Geocaching at has features that may not be obvious from a
first glance at the Web site. And if you're familiar with geocaching at
another Web site, the differences may be overlooked because you think
all geocaching Web sites must work the same way.  This article focuses
on how the cache review process is better at

Have you ever wanted to be a cache reviewer? Well, you can be on You don't need to ask anyone. You don't need to be hired
by anyone. You just do it. Here's how.

First, on your profile page, check the box that says "Alert me of new
caches within xxx km". Then, when you receive an email notifying you of
a new cache, go to the cache details page. After reading all the
details, click on the button labeled "Review this cache". On the review
form, check either "yes" or "no" after the question, "Approve this
cache?". You can supply your own opinions about many cache attributes,
if you wish, but only the "yes/no" check is required. Then click
"Submit" and you're done. It's that easy.

You as an individual have the ability to honor or reject the reviews of
others. In your profile, there's a set of checkboxes you select that
determine just how strict your personal preferences are. You can choose
to ignore new caches until some volunteer has reviewed them and given
their approval. You can choose to ignore caches that the owner has
archived or that other players have recommended for archival. You can
choose to ignore caches that the owner admits were placed without
obtaining landowner approval. Or that are not suitable for children. Or
that other players have given low ratings.

There's an even more powerful reviewing option available to you. That's
the "Ignore this cache" button. Click that and that cache disappears
completely. You'll never see it again in any cache listing or GPX
download. Even more powerful, if you happen to be an influential member
of the geocaching community, other players can choose to add your
ignored caches to their own list of ignored caches.

For example, a local geocaching association might elect one of their own
members to review caches in their region and "ignore" any that don't
meet local community standards. All other players in that association
would just indicate that they want to share that player's ignore list
and no one in the association will ever see any of the rejected caches

In summary, gives power to the community. It's a powerful,
flexible, open and democratic review process.  No one can prevent you
from listing your cache on Neither can you be forced to
look at others' lame or objectionable caches. Individuals or whole
communities have the power to ignore caches that fall below their own
personal or community standards.


Last Updated ( 11:46 Friday, 14 January 2005 UTC )


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