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Nearest places   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
The Geodashing dashpoint details page has been enhanced with the listing of the nearest city or town to the dashpoint.

Also, if you follow the link to report your dashpoint, the form will be automatically filled in with the dashpoint name and the country (and state, if US) of that nearest place. Be sure to check it for correctness. It's possible that the nearest city or town is across the state line.

In one case, a player informed me that the nearest place listed is a ghost town that only locals would know about. It made me feel good to think that the "llamas" have such excellent knowledge of every little corner of the Earth.

The same technique is used to provide the nearest place to geocaches and Shutterspots listed with

One warning. The nearest place is determined by comparing distances to city centers (post office, city hall, etc.). It's possible that a waypoint near the city limits is actually closer to a neighboring city's town center than its own town center. So the nearest place will be shown as the neighboring town instead of the town in which the waypoint is actually located.

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