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Geodashing: Apr05   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  

"I could have gotten out and hiked the last .15km but decided to drive
off of the pavement.  What with all of the rain, the ground was far more
soaked than I thought.  With .11km to go and a hail storm beating down
on me, I first realized that I was stuck in the mud. For the next hour,
I rocked and dug, rocked and dug with the sound of thunder in the short
distance.  I finally hiked a mile to a ranch house and got Rob to be
gracious enough to come up and pull me out."

-- That's Geodashing by car in Oregon with Has No Horse

"Dashpoint itself is not in a particular place. Just lots of empty land,
forest and houses here and there. No rush, quiescence all over, birds
singing, but no movements. Refreshing contrary to long winter period and
hard weeks at work. Day was successful. I started a bicycle season. 94km
was left behind. Much? too much ;) Tired, but happy."

-- That's Geodashing by bicycle in Estonia with Dix

"By the time I parked the four wheeler there were no improvements, no
vehicles, no people -- just a lot of pinion pine and juniper trees, some
sagebrush and patches of melting snow. It took me about 40 minutes of
hiking to reach the point. The elevation was about 2,113 meters. It was
a wonderful, solitary experience. The only sound was my own labored

-- That's Geodashing on foot in Utah with David Mower


Game 46 of Geodashing was won by "Home for the Itinerant", their second
win in a row.  Second place went to Llama League for the second month in
a row and third place to GeoTerriers.

Individual honors went to Team Armadillo by a wide margin over Douq
Millar, who, in turn finished well ahead of YLO_RLR in third place.

Game 46 saw 291 dashpoint hunts (second highest all time) in ten
countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Mexico,
Poland, UK, and USA). Game 46 also saw the first-ever dashpoint visit in
Alaska, closing the book on visits to all 50 US states.


A sampling of waypoints visited by Geodashing players this month:

three miles down a muddy trail from Alaska's "Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn"

near Oregon's Rogue River, where everyone is preparing for steelhead

in forest owned by Mead Paper Company in Michigan's Upper Peninsula,
over partially frozen streams and through wet cedar swamps

in a field in Poland, reached by bicycle and then hiking through
raspberry bushes, swamps and stream-crossings

just off a fire road in California's Tehachapi Mountains, where road
construction to repair damage from recent rains and mudslides prevented

in the UK, on a piece of downhill rough ground outside the village of
Mynydd-bach, just past the lane for Bullyhole Bottom

in Oregon near the edge of a young stand of mixed conifers like
Douglas fir and cedar that had recently been thinned out

in a deciduous wood in Wisconsin, past a swampy field, reached by hiking
a busy Soo Line track, where the Spring peepers were out in full force

on the top of Colorado's Navajo Mountain Mesa, where a herd of mule deer
keep silent watch over the dashpoint

at 9345 feet in Colorado, up a trail that was part snowy, part icy, part
muddy, home to a coyote and a bald eagle

on top of a hill near the very small Mexican town of Mazapiltepec -
elevation: 2368 meters

on the side of a ridge leading up to Australia's Mt Eirene

in the moonscape of the salt flats southwest of Utah's Great Salt Lake

in the 30 square miles of sand dunes of Colorado's Great Sand Dunes
National Park

200 meters off shore of North Carolina's outer banks, where strong winds
and biting sand stung the faces of anyone trying to get close

just off the Oregon coast ("a touch out in the surf and I had to wait
between waves to go get it without getting real wet.")

less than 100m offshore in Virginia's Winter Harbor, an arm of the
Chesapeake Bay

next to a small pond in Florida's Ochlockonee National Forest

among the corn and sugar cane south of Tehuacan, Mexico

on private property surrounded by California's Ano Nuevo State Reserve,
near fields of alien looking Brussels sprouts

in the field of a large Illinois farm with an older two-story farm
house, three barns and six silos

on South Carolina's Hogback Mountain Road, offering a view of the
mountain in the background, orchards and orchards of South Carolina
apples in bloom in the foreground, and horse farms everywhere

on the outskirts of Christmas Valley, Oregon, where ranch hands were
branding calves in a nearby field

in Nebraska grasslands, here deliberately burned by the ranch owners

southeast of Austin, Texas, in a field filled with Spring wildflowers

in a cornfield on the Kansas-Nebraska state line (just inside Nebraska,
unless someone finds evidence of early surveys that might have drawn the
border a little farther north than the politicians intended)

in an abandoned Illinois farm with four buildings in various states of
disrepair and demise

just inside a fence around an abandoned house in southern Brazil

near an abandoned mine shaft in the middle of the Nevada desert

at the edge of the historic gold-mining town of Majorca, Victoria,
Australia, now deserted and rundown

in the woods near Virginia's Colonial Downs race track

on a new golf course in Utah, about five miles from Mount Timpanogos
near the shoreline of Utah Lake

in the driving range of the par-3 course at Tanglewood Park, in
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

in Oklahoma, along a cow path paralleling the road leading to Millers
Game Bird Farm

in the Glenbrook Primary and Secondary Schools in Bilborough, UK

in front of the Founder Building on the campus of California's
University of Redlands

on land being prepared for a new housing development in Culver, Oregon,
an old, small town on the rise due to its proximity to Lake Billy

in a neighborhood of vacation cabins between Birchwood Lake and the
large Kettle Moraine Lake in eastern Wisconsin

in a field near a log cabin in Indiana

in Mainz, Germany, next to a pink house on Kriemhildenstrasse
advertising "Physioterapie fur Tiere"

and in a thick Estonian forest with walls of darkness, all wet and woods
maze, past a mystical, forsaken manor


In the category of "Geodashers are the nicest people", we have this
report by Plem45 from Virginia:

"By the time I got back to the Bronco, I was soaked to the skin. I was
pretty pleased with myself though for braving the weather and completing
this morning dash. On my way home I found a poor lady who had
hydroplaned off the road and into a swamp.  A young man with a little
Toyota truck was there and was trying to pull her out but just didn't
have the power, so we hooked up his chains to my Bronco, put it in 4-low
and got her out in no time flat.  All in all this was a pretty
satisfying day!"

This month's Geodashing lessons learned the hard way:

"The distance to the point is significantly smaller than the distance
you actually have to drive." -- Team Armadillo

"Roads on a map are just roads; they all look the same. On the ground,
in the real world, that is hardly the case." -- epondo


Thanks to all the Geodashing players, whose many great reports are
quoted here, not always with proper attribution. Complete, original
reports are available on the Web site.


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS
receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The
waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected. The
win goes to who can get to the most dashpoints; that is, if you can
get to them at all! Each game has a new set of dashpoints making each
game different and unpredictable. For more information and to play,
visit .


Last Updated ( 08:25 Thursday, 04 August 2005 UTC )


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