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Operation Hurricache Needs You!   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Grrlfrog & CacheChow  
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina there is an unprecedented geocaching effort driven by the Central Texas Geocachers.  The project, dubbed "Operation Hurricache," is underway to find and lift the spirits of geocachers affected by the Hurricane.

UPDATE: Pictures of Operation Hurricache now available! 

It hardly seems important right now for geocachers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to be out and about looking for plastic containers and ammo cans.  Quite frankly, they don't exist anymore in the Gulf Coast region.  But if we stop for a moment we can all attest that geocaching is less about the trading trinkets and more about the community.   And our community is in need.  Right now the CenTex cachers have driven major efforts to help geocachers through "adoption" by their own group or coordinating efforts with other caching groups around the USA. 

The ability of geocachers to help those in need is limited; the "big work" of rebuilding homes and lives must be left to FEMA and the Red Cross.  Lifting the spirits of cachers and keeping them in the geocaching community must be an important focus.  Our hearts go out to those who have been affected and we know that feelings of desolation and uncertainty run rampant these days.  Now is the time for community members to reach out and boost morale.  The CenTex cachers are organizing efforts to build 100 "Hurricaches" (a.k.a. care packages) to be distributed to cachers affected by the storm.  The rain, wind and floods may be gone but the months and months of clean-up has just begun.

The good news is that you can help!  The "Operation Hurricache" effort allows you the opportunity to directly assist affected cachers.  You, your family, friends or geocaching community are invited to participate by sending 100 items to be included in each Hurricache.  Each of the items are to be labeled with personal/group geocaching names and logos (if applicable).  The contributed items can be practical, funny, creative, geocache-related, or mere tokens of thoughtfulness. 

The response for contributions has been wonderful!  However, we are still in need of the following items:

-screwdrivers, mini tool sets
-bottle or manual can opener
-drawings/artwork by kids (a classroom project?)
-small flashlights & "AA" batteries
-travel size bottles of lotion, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner or Purell

-travel size deodorant, toothpaste, bars of soap

Geocachers are savvy when it comes to cost-effective items that are "must-haves."  Any travel-size item will work, and in some cases there may be people who can get items donated.  It is with sincere hope that the larger organizations involved in geocaching will step up to the plate and contribute to the Hurricaches.  Once the insides are filled with love and warm wishes from geocachers everywhere, the outside of the Hurricache will be stickered with the Names, Logos, States and Countries of all the contributors.  Each Hurricache will look like a well-traveled suitcase once it is hand-delivered to each cacher.

So far the project is off to a great start but there is plenty of room for more participants.  Take time to discuss this amazing project with members of your caching community, then contact Mary Ann ("Grrlfrog & CacheChow") to let her know you wish to be included.  She is available at

A Yahoo group has been established for the cause.  More info about Operation Hurricache & Katrina Cachers available at:

Last Updated ( 15:56 Wednesday, 05 October 2005 UTC )


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