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GeoVexilla   Print  E-mail 
Contributed by Scout  
The first new game since Shutterspot starts on October 1. It's GeoVexilla. This is a GPS game that uses the globe for a playing field. At random times, in random places, random flags appear on a map of the world. The challenge is to visit a flag's waypoint before the flag disappears. Each time you succeed, you collect that flag.


The flags used in this game are virtual. That means there are no physical objects at the waypoints specified. The object of the game is to get to the waypoint, not necessarily to find anything when you get there.

The flags come from all the countries of the world. Their locations are randomly selected by a herd of highly trained llamas. The length of time they exist before they disappear is also random, averaging 15 days.


For each flag waypoint you visit (getting to within 100 meters), you collect the flag located at that waypoint. Your score is based on how many flags you collect.

Flags come in collections of five. When you collect your first flag, the other four flags in that collection are determined automatically. Your scorecard will show what the other four flags are that you'll need to complete your collection. Either visit flag waypoints for flags you need to complete your collection or trade with other players around the world for flags you need to complete a collection.

The first flag you collect in each collection is worth one point. The second flag you collect in a collection is worth two points. Each additional flag is worth even more points. Collect all five and the collection is worth 31 points.

You can collect any flag at any time, whether it's one that's in an unfinished collection or not. If you collect a flag that's not needed in any of your existing collections, a new collection will automatically be started for you.

If a flag's waypoint cannot be reached without trespassing or taking undue risk to personal safety, pick another waypoint. Review the disclaimer before playing.


GeoVexilla's scoreboard is free-running with no beginning and no end. GeoVexilla tracks each player's all-time collection of flags and their scores.

Each month, a game within a game is scored. During the month, the number of points a player adds to his all-time high score is his score for that month. At the end of each month, the player who has increased his all-time high score the most for that month is declared the winner. There are no prizes or awards that accompany winning other than personal satisfaction. :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not already answered in the GeoVexilla FAQ, feel free to post your question to the GeoVexilla mailing list.

Last Updated ( 22:16 Wednesday, 04 October 2006 UTC )


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